Saturday, August 20, 2011

Results of an unplanned pregnancy.

   Where we previously lived our landlord hated cats and would not allow us to have one.  I am a major cat LOVER always have been since I was a teeny tiny little girl.  14 and 1/2 years ago my husband and I bought our first home.  We had lived here approximately 5 days and once we were unpacked and mostly settled in off we went with our 3 children who at that time were 09, 7, and 5 to the Humance Society to adopt a kitty.  We found a beautiful male kitty who is white and a light caramel color, on his side he has a pattern with white spots that I swear looks just like the print on the side of "Bambi".  We named him Sam he was approximately 6 to 8 weeks old.  He has lived here happily with us for the last 14 1/2 years.  Once he was neutered I allowed him to come in and out as he pleased.  Since then I have had a couple of other male cats but as of last year right before Christmas I only had Sam and mentioned I wanted a kitten. 

  Be careful what you wish for................Approximately one week after Christmas 2009 my oldest son walked thru the front door one evening and handed me a receipt from Wal-Mart.  I looked at the receipt and I see cat litter, cat toys, litter box, etc.  Finally after a second the light bulb in my head comes on and I look at my son to see a BIG FAT SMILE, I say "you got me a kitty"!!  He starts laughing and says go out to the car, and I rush out to the car to find the sweetest little gray tabby kitten.  I scooped her up and brought her in and we were hooked on each other immediately.  She is the sweetest cat I have ever owned.  Sam will ALWAYS be first in my heart but Ms. Abby is right there beside him.   

   So Ms. Abby lived in harmony with us for approximately 18 months.  She lived in the house was a big time eater, sleeper and lover.  She did go in heat a couple times but it wasnt really bad and I had such good intentions of getting her spayed.........shame on me.     I don't allow my cats to have free roam of my home when I am not here so Ms. Abby had her own cat haven in the spare bedroom with a giant cat stand a wonderful scratching post etc.  One morning my husband and I were leaving and called and called Ms. Abby so we could put her in the room when we left and she was NOWHERE to be found.  We went outside and called and Abby. 

    We assumed she had got out when the dog opened the door and prayed she did'nt go to far and came home soon.   The next morning before we left for work we called for her and here she came across the neighbors yard just as happy as she could be.............HMMMM.  Now I know why she was so happy...little hussy.    Well she had no desire to come back inside and would not dare let us try to put her back in the house.  We could see within just a few weeks that she was obviously pregnant, but she still would not come inside and stay.  So she went thru her pregnancy eating 2 cans of food a day in addition to alot of cat treats, turkey cold cuts etc.  You talk about 1 fat little heffer......that kitty was wobblin by the end of her pregnancy.  About 10 days ago she did'nt come when it was time to eat in the morning or again that evening....I called and called and looked and looked for her.  The next morning I had a dentist appt and I came back home to change clothes for work and decided I would go in the back yard and see if I could find her...........I called and called and finally here she came, well it was obvious to look at her that she had her kittens.  Here is the results: 

They were born on August 8th, she had them in the backyard in some high grass under my bedroom window.  It took me about an hour to find them, once I did I scooped them up and placed them in a giant basket as you see them in now and brought them into the house and they have been living there happily for the last  days.  She had  and lost one the day after they were born.  It did'nt appear to have anything wrong with it the first day but the 2nd day I noticed it did'nt stay huddled with the rest and it just appeared to be weaker.  By the time we came home that evening it had passed.  here is what they look like today at 12 days old.  They started opening their eyes yesterday.   

  I am definately a sucker for a furry face.  I will most definately be having Ms. Abby spayed ASAP.

 Hugs Hazel

Thursday, June 30, 2011

He worked hard for it!!

My youngest son got his first car today!!  I am so happy for him, and he paid for every dime of it with his own $$money$$. 
You can see how proud of it he is by the lil smirk/smile on his face.  He is not usually one that will pose for a pic for me but he was all to happy to do it when I asked him this time.  So proud of him!!  He is the youngest of my three children and both of the others burned a streak in the street to get to the drivers license branch on THE DAY they were old enough to get their drivers licenses.  Ha Ha, but not Brad he is a little more reserved than the other two and did not get his license until about 3 months ago and he will be 20 in January.    

   His big brother was brave enough to go for a ride thru our subdivision with him so he could show it off to him.  Its a nice little starter car that will get good gas mileage, 4 door and has been well taken care of with low miles.  The price was right, and the AC blows cooollllddd, thats an absolute must in FL.   

              I hope that he has good luck with it, with a used car you never know but I think he lucked out. 

I know he will appreciate it alot more because he did it himself!!
    Congratulations Bradley!!  I am very proud of you and the fact that you paid your own hard earned money for your first car.  

On another note my hens had a chick......................look.

So far I am having good luck with the hens and chicks my mom sent me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will continue to hatch chicks....ha ha.   I am on vacation thru next Tuesday, not going anywhere just doing a little of this and a little of that right here around home.  Just taking it easy enjoying my honey, my furkids and my home.   Have a great evening everyone.

                                                                                                        Hugs Hazel  

Monday, June 27, 2011

A little of this and a little of that!

Its been awhile since I have posted so let me catch you up with whats been happening over the last couple of weeks.  We have been to the beach a couple of times. 

There has been a red headed woodpecker hanging out in the neighbors tree.  I love to sit on my front porch and listen to him and watch how he trys to perfect his little hole in the tree.

My honey went on a fishing expedition on the "Majestic" and brought home a mess of fish.  We had a wonderful fish fry, with cheese grits, cole slaw and hush puppies.  There is not many things as yummy af fresh fried fish.

Check out these "chompers".

I had a few tomatoes on my one and only tomato plant.  They were very tasty, as I always say when I get a good tomato, "I could taste the sunshine" in them.   ;)

I've also been going to the pool here and there on the weekends with my daughter.  I love to swim but I would not dare run you all off by posting a pic of me in my bathing suit.  I wanna keep what on-line friends I have.....LOL. 

We have finally been getting some MUCH NEEDED rain off and on for over a week now thank goodness!!  However, the first day that we finally did get some rain it was a severe thunderstorm that did quite a bit of damage all over Jacksonville.  I honestly thought a tornado was coming.  It literally rained sideways.  We have 1 large tree in our front yard and I am always so scared we will lose it when a bad storm like that comes thru.  After the storm was over my honey and I rode around the immediate area and seen trees that had literally ripped the ground up around the base of the trees anywhere from 4 to 6 feet around, and had turned the sidewalk up like it was domino pieces.  Thankfully the rain we have had since then has just been heavy late afternoon showers minus all of the unwanted extras.

       And finally to sum things up we ventured off to the Daytona Flea Market this past weekend.  It is very large and has lots and lots of everything you could imagine a flea market having.  Some of the aisles we saw several times and I am sure there are some that we never made it to.  It would of made too much sense to have grabbed a map when we went in....  :(  We enjoyed some super sweet and juicy Georgia peaches, tried some Sicilian olives, and purchased some Greek Gourmet salad, (sun dried tomatoes and multiple types of olives) and some fresh pistachios. 

I found some great inexpensive jewelry, and the price was definately right!!  You can see below the variety that I found and did not spend more than $10.00 for all of it.

This cream and glass seashell bracelet is just perfect to wear with a white summery blouse.

 I just love this Turquise charm bracelet and earrings which have charms on them as well.
And of course you can never go wrong with your basic black which goes with just about anything.

And then just a few odds and ends pieces that I couldn't resist.

Other than that I have been doing some research of different Florida State parks that I would like to visit.  Enjoying my facebook friends and family, and reading all the blogs I follow.  Hope all of you are enjoying your summer.

Hugs Hazel

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend What Nots

It ws a great weeked @ Hazel'spot!

Saturday started out with some playing in the dirt.  I planted my pepper plant in a beautiful clay pot.

I then decided to re-plant my hens and chicks from the Strawberry pot to a regular planter pot.  I did'nt feel like they were going to do well in the strawberry pot.  I think they will do better in this large pot.

I used a bag of brand new potting soil, watered them good and then placed them in a spot that gets some morning sun and then some soft shade in the afternoon.  I have my fingers crossed that they will survive the FL weather.

I then move onto my tomato plants I purchase last weekend, and just got to planting them this weekeng :(

Not sure how well they will do though.  The package said not to use plants that already have tomatoes on them.  Hubby was careful to place dirt in carefully so not to hurt the root base.  I gave them approximately 1 gal of water as the instructions indicated.  After some discussion hubby and I have decided we may need to move the turvy to a shepards hook in the yard being the sun is no longer direct on them after about 12:30pm.

  I then planted some seedlings that came on butterfly shaped papers (almost like card stock) from my Hubby's great aunts memorial service last spring.  I have had them in a drawer in an envelope for the last year so not sure if they will bloom or not.  I followed the instructions and placed the paper lightly under the soil watered them gently and placed them in the sun to wait for them to bloom.  

                                                                             I will keep you posted on how they my fingers crossed that they bloom.  After I got all of my items planted, situated and watered...............we had a thunderstorm for about 2 hours......................guess I did'nt need to water them since mother nature did.

Then today my hubby added the kitchen hardware that we bought in January to the kitchen know what they say "better late than never".....LOL.

It is amazing what a difference some hardware can do for your kitchen cabinets.

I don't know
if you can see the flower pots on the left side of the kitchen sink or not but they had african violets in them that were down to about 2 little green leaves and a small root.  I clipped off all the dead leaves and roots, replanted them in some african violet soil watered them and gave them some african violet food.  Another item I have my fingers crossed for, hoping they will make it.

And here are a couple more random pics of my eat-in dining room.

Last but not least you have to see my "no touch" trash receptacle.  I love it!!!  You never have to touch it, it is motion sensative and the lid opens via sensor.  I love it because I can really cut down of all of the hand washing while cooking if I do not have to touch the trach receptale. 

And since my hubby was so kind as to put on the kitchen harware I did reward him well.

Baked turkey breast, baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon butter, red beans and rice with chorizo and seasoned corn..........I must say it was quite tasty.  We had a wonderful productive yet relaxing weekend here @ Hazels spot.  I hope each of you had a nice weekend as well. 

I thank you God for blessing me and my family, extended family and friends.  I pray for all of those who have tornadoes, flooding, fires etc.  God Bless you all!!  Have a great week!!