Thursday, June 30, 2011

He worked hard for it!!

My youngest son got his first car today!!  I am so happy for him, and he paid for every dime of it with his own $$money$$. 
You can see how proud of it he is by the lil smirk/smile on his face.  He is not usually one that will pose for a pic for me but he was all to happy to do it when I asked him this time.  So proud of him!!  He is the youngest of my three children and both of the others burned a streak in the street to get to the drivers license branch on THE DAY they were old enough to get their drivers licenses.  Ha Ha, but not Brad he is a little more reserved than the other two and did not get his license until about 3 months ago and he will be 20 in January.    

   His big brother was brave enough to go for a ride thru our subdivision with him so he could show it off to him.  Its a nice little starter car that will get good gas mileage, 4 door and has been well taken care of with low miles.  The price was right, and the AC blows cooollllddd, thats an absolute must in FL.   

              I hope that he has good luck with it, with a used car you never know but I think he lucked out. 

I know he will appreciate it alot more because he did it himself!!
    Congratulations Bradley!!  I am very proud of you and the fact that you paid your own hard earned money for your first car.  

On another note my hens had a chick......................look.

So far I am having good luck with the hens and chicks my mom sent me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will continue to hatch chicks....ha ha.   I am on vacation thru next Tuesday, not going anywhere just doing a little of this and a little of that right here around home.  Just taking it easy enjoying my honey, my furkids and my home.   Have a great evening everyone.

                                                                                                        Hugs Hazel  


  1. Hazel, you should be proud and he should too!

    It's a good looking car and I hope he has great luck with it.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. That's great that Brad was able to save up to get the car. He's a hard worker and is good at taking care of his money. Hope it turns out to be a good car for him. Love the top picture with the sweet smile on his face. I can't believe he'll be 20 his next birthday. Where did the years go?

  3. Pat on the back to Brad for saving to buy his own car, and to you Hazel I'm sure you had a little to do with teaching him to save! The car my boys started out with was an old Buick Park Avenue my parents sold us "cheap" and it made it through two of them. The youngest got a car that someone gave us and he spent lots of time fixing it up before he was even old enough to get his licence and he still has it now, he hopes it lasts until he finished the last two years of college!

    Enjoy you time off and congratulations on your new "chick", LOL.