Sunday, January 30, 2011

Its been a busy day @ Hazel's spot.

It has been a busy day @ Hazel's house today.  I got so much accomplished and I am quite pleased with myself.  It started with breakfast and coffee, biscuits w/sausage gravy, bacon and eggs.  Our weather here today was great, it was sunny and in the mid 70's.  (Not trying to rub it in for all of you who are having cold weather)

After breakfast JP and I went out to the backyard and picked an entire laundry basket full of pink grapefruits off of our tree.  They are so sweet and juicy. 
My aunt Eloise gave me the tree probably 10 years ago and it was a lil seedling about 4 inches high in a small bowl.  She had visited FL, saved a few seeds from some grapefruits she had while in FL and carried them home to IN with her planted it...............then myself and my family went to IN to visit and she gave me the seedling I carried it home to FL and planted it in my back yard............and look at it now.

My honey got on the ladder and picked the high ones, he does'nt trust I won't fall off of the ladder :(
  It produces great grapefruits and alot of them.  This is probably the 3rd full laundry basket we have got off of it and there are probably still 2 more baskets worth on the tree.

After our fruit harvest I was able to get lots of chores done.  Nothing extraordinary, just the usual laundry, dishes, sweeping dusting etc.  I work long hours during the week and don't keep up with my chores as well as I should during the week so I was very proud of myself for getting lots and lots of things done today.  And spent some time with the furkids outside. Then created a meal that I don't really have a recipe for, but it is really yummy. ground beef
with minced garlic
1/2 green pepper finely chopped
handful of green onions chopped
brown and drain
added 1 can of Rotel tomatoes
1 Jar of spaghetti sauce (store bought)
and I had a jar of spaghetti sauce my lil sis's mom canned from their garden fresh tomatoes
let it simmer for a couple of hours on low low temp
then added 1 big box of penne pasta and
hubby added 2 cups of ricotta.

It was delicious!!  Had some fresh steamed broccoli and I had some cocktail pumpernickel that is not getting eaten as fast as I would like so I buttered it, added some garlic and sprinkle parmesan and toasted it in the oven for about 3 mins. 

And some yummy chewy brownies for dessert!!
Shewww, after all of that I am tired.  I think I will sit down and read my book for the rest of the day.  (guilt free)  LOL.  Hope you all had a great Sunday!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Rainy Monday

Well it rained all day long here.  The weather guesser was right when he said 90% chance of rain.  Hubby got rained out too!  Made for nice napping weather though.  The furkids were miserable though, they had to spend the day inside other than a quick run out to potty and right back in the house.  They spent alot of time napping too and went thru several chewies.......I need stock in dog chews.  A nice dinner at Carrabas for my youngest sons birthday topped the day off.  Hope you all had a great day!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The weekends over.......

Well here I sit, the weekends over.  I love the weekends, but never get as much as I would like to done.  That may be because I spend so much time reading everyone else's blogs.....he he.   I did  however finally get my pictures hung in my newly re-done living room.  I love to take pictures and have enough I could decorate every space of wall in my home but that would be extreme.   It makes it feel so much cozier with the walls decorated. I will try to post pics tomorrow.

My furkids (I have 5) take up alot of my time.  1 toy pom, 2 pit bull terriers and 2 cats. (1 inside and 1 outside).  Trying to keep up with the terriers is terrible.  One is a 3 year old male and very good listener and very well behaved. The other is like a feather in a tornado sometimes I swear.  So far she has only destroyed 1 pair of flip flops (not mine)............JP was not happy.    She is almost like a kid, that you need to bathe everytime she comes back inside.  You let her out to play she insists on playing in the dirt and any water she can find.  Then wants to come in and romp around the house............NOT happening.  Thank god for pigs ear chews, at least when she has a chewy she will lay down chew and chill out.  Now if I could just keep abby cat out of the fish bowl.... :(
They are all quite adorable though..........would'nt you say?

                                                         Tre and Baby

Who could'nt love a face like that...............................Well its off too bed for me.  I hope everyone has a great week!!