Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Rainy Monday

Well it rained all day long here.  The weather guesser was right when he said 90% chance of rain.  Hubby got rained out too!  Made for nice napping weather though.  The furkids were miserable though, they had to spend the day inside other than a quick run out to potty and right back in the house.  They spent alot of time napping too and went thru several chewies.......I need stock in dog chews.  A nice dinner at Carrabas for my youngest sons birthday topped the day off.  Hope you all had a great day!!


  1. Sounds like a great day for napping. It was raining here when we went to bed last night. Hope B had a great birthday. I tried to call him but his phone went to voicemail. I'll try to call him again today.

  2. We are going to have a messy day, right not it is snowing, it is going to change to rain, sleet or freezing rain depending on how close to the coast you live, I live right on the line and we never know what we are going to get! But I don't need sunny weather to go down to the basement to work on my filing! Look forward to reading more of your blog......feel free to hop on over to mine. Welcome to blogland!

  3. Hello.
    Thank you for visiting me, We had lots of rain last week and Miss Candi hated going outside.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog.