Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend What Nots

It ws a great weeked @ Hazel'spot!

Saturday started out with some playing in the dirt.  I planted my pepper plant in a beautiful clay pot.

I then decided to re-plant my hens and chicks from the Strawberry pot to a regular planter pot.  I did'nt feel like they were going to do well in the strawberry pot.  I think they will do better in this large pot.

I used a bag of brand new potting soil, watered them good and then placed them in a spot that gets some morning sun and then some soft shade in the afternoon.  I have my fingers crossed that they will survive the FL weather.

I then move onto my tomato plants I purchase last weekend, and just got to planting them this weekeng :(

Not sure how well they will do though.  The package said not to use plants that already have tomatoes on them.  Hubby was careful to place dirt in carefully so not to hurt the root base.  I gave them approximately 1 gal of water as the instructions indicated.  After some discussion hubby and I have decided we may need to move the turvy to a shepards hook in the yard being the sun is no longer direct on them after about 12:30pm.

  I then planted some seedlings that came on butterfly shaped papers (almost like card stock) from my Hubby's great aunts memorial service last spring.  I have had them in a drawer in an envelope for the last year so not sure if they will bloom or not.  I followed the instructions and placed the paper lightly under the soil watered them gently and placed them in the sun to wait for them to bloom.  

                                                                             I will keep you posted on how they my fingers crossed that they bloom.  After I got all of my items planted, situated and watered...............we had a thunderstorm for about 2 hours......................guess I did'nt need to water them since mother nature did.

Then today my hubby added the kitchen hardware that we bought in January to the kitchen know what they say "better late than never".....LOL.

It is amazing what a difference some hardware can do for your kitchen cabinets.

I don't know
if you can see the flower pots on the left side of the kitchen sink or not but they had african violets in them that were down to about 2 little green leaves and a small root.  I clipped off all the dead leaves and roots, replanted them in some african violet soil watered them and gave them some african violet food.  Another item I have my fingers crossed for, hoping they will make it.

And here are a couple more random pics of my eat-in dining room.

Last but not least you have to see my "no touch" trash receptacle.  I love it!!!  You never have to touch it, it is motion sensative and the lid opens via sensor.  I love it because I can really cut down of all of the hand washing while cooking if I do not have to touch the trach receptale. 

And since my hubby was so kind as to put on the kitchen harware I did reward him well.

Baked turkey breast, baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon butter, red beans and rice with chorizo and seasoned corn..........I must say it was quite tasty.  We had a wonderful productive yet relaxing weekend here @ Hazels spot.  I hope each of you had a nice weekend as well. 

I thank you God for blessing me and my family, extended family and friends.  I pray for all of those who have tornadoes, flooding, fires etc.  God Bless you all!!  Have a great week!!


  1. You had a busy weekend. You'll both have to go back to work to rest. I'm sure your hen and chicks would have done well in the strawberry pot. They take time to get a root ball and then they really take off. Hope all your plants do well. The aftrican violets mom grew were always in her kitchen window that faced north. They didn't get any direct sun except in the winter time. Give JP a big hug. The new kitchen looks wonderful.

    Your supper looks delicious. Both you and JP are excellent cooks.

  2. I love your kitchen, especially the red on the walls. The new hardware looks very good.

    I didn't even know they made that kind of trash can! Mine is hidden inside a pull-out frame in the cabinets so I don't have to touch the actual trash can either. Any design that keeps you from touching it while cooking is a very good thing.

    The reward dinner looks super and I bet he was very happy with it.

    Good luck with all the plants.

  3. Hope you are doing ok....haven't heard from you in a while. Trish