Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend at the beach!

We are 1 week into April and my honey and I have been to the beach 5 times already.  We spent both Saturday and Sunday at Hugenot State Park.

It is such a nice beach, I love it because you can drive on the beach, find a spot park and your there.  You post up right where you park, no carrying your cooler, towels, blankets etc. 

We were there during high tide both days. 
High Tide was around 1pm both days and that does limit the amount of people they can allow in the park or they will run out of beach for people to park.

       We like to get up early and hit the road so we can get a good spot, spend 3 or 4 hours there and then still have enough time to do others things in our day.  It was 91 degrees on Sunday and close to that on Saturday.

  Last weekend we went to Kathryn Abbey Hannah State Park.  It is a great place too, you can't drive on the beach but there is alot of parking, nice boardwalks to the beach, and nice facilitites.  Hugenot and Hannah Park are state parks, there is camping at both places and we are lucky because we live within 20 miles of both.  We have never camped at Hugenot, but we have camped many times at Hannah Park.  My kids have put many a mile on their bicycles at Hannah Park. FL is full of great State parks and we are blessed to have been able to enjoy many of them.  We really enjoy the fresh water springs in the summer months when it is  really HOT!!  The water temperature is 70 degrees all the time.  On a summer afternoon in the middle of July it feels great!! 

 The weather guesser has predicted it to be milder the rest of the week.  Supposed to be in the high 70's.  Its 8:15pm and 77 degrees currently. 

  I hope all of you out there are finished with the cold weather and getting to finally enjoy the spring weather.  I know it was a rough winter for some.  Happy Spring!!  Hazel 

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  1. My two favorite beaches. I especially love Hugenot. Your weather sounds great. It's 53º here at 8:50 after a temp of 73º at 5 a.m. this morning.